Reasons to Love
Appraisal Firewall

  • Secure, web-based technology
  • Manage appraisal process internally with your own panel of appraisers
  • Increase the speed of production while reducing costs
  • Integrated with the AMCs and LOS platforms you need
  • Comply with CFPB, Dodd-Frank, Interagency Appraisal and Evaluation Guidelines, ECOA
  • Valuations Rule, Reg B, and all other regulations
  • TRID ready!
  • Appraisal Firewall is Appraisal Management Software, not an Appraisal Management Company
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Show Your Love
Here at Appraisal Firewall, we love our community and the people who make it special. As a way to give thanks to our community, we are excited to give back through our Love Campaign. You can show your love for Appraisal Firewall and local charities by uploading a picture of our Love tattoo (don't worry, they are temporary) with #LOVEAF and one of the hashtags listed below for the charity you feel the most strongly towards. For every tattoo pic posted to our facebook page with a charity hashtag, we will make a donation to that charity of your choice. It's four quick steps:

  • 1. Get a tattoo and put it on
  • 2. Take picture of it
  • 3. Post it to our facebook page and include the hashtag #LOVEAF
  • 4. While you're posting to facebook, type the hashtag of the charity you'd like us to make a donation to (see charity listings below)

Example: Go to www.facebook.com/AppraisalFirewall and post your tattoo picture with a comment similar to, "So happy to be giving back! #LOVEAF #Habitat4Humanity"

As if giving back to an awesome charity wasn't an awesome enough incentive, by uploading your picture to our facebook page, that is also your entry for the chance to win the latest iPad! How can you resist? By you helping us give back to our community, we want to give back to you!

Charity Listings:
Ronald McDonald House Charities

Washington Wildfire Relief Charities
Use #WAWildfires

Habitat for Humanity
Use #Habitat4Humanity